Mixed martial arts as a training regime began shortly after the Ultimate Fighting Challenge (UFC) in the early 1990s. This type of training usually utilizes two of the most rigorous & practical martial art forms:

Thai Boxing or Muay Thai, is a combative sport which originated in Thailand. Because of it’s effectiveness, Thai Boxing has gain much popularity over the last 10 years and also especially due to it’s use in mixed martial art competitions. Thai boxing focus allot on conditioning and core strength training. A typical Thai Boxing training session will usually run between 1 and 2 hours depending on the level and the stylistic approach of the School. It is often said that after a rigorous Thai boxing workout the

participant will usually feel a state of rejuvenation in mind, body and spirit.

Brazilian Jui Jitsu or BJJ is also a combative sport and a martial art form with roots in Judo and traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu. BJJ just as Thai Boxing, has also gained much popularity over the last 10 years for many of the same reasons. BJJ offers similar conditioning workouts to Thai Boxing, but in some cases, it is not as stressful to the body and therefore a good alternative to some students who may be sensitive to common impact stresses. BJJ and Thai Boxing training are effective, practical and sound. A student training in both of these refined art forms will see dramatic improvements in their self defence abilities, confidence, physical strength, balance & agility.

Boot camps/conditioning workouts are a mix of strength training , aerobic and balance elements. Used in the military to keep solders fit and strong, we incorporate striking (boxing and kicking) kettle bells, also lots of pushups, lunges, crunches squats, stretching, etc…. In essence, a boot camp workout consists of interval training with bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of lighter activity. Good for advanced and intermediate levels and all ages. Kids love it, so it’s good for the whole family and a needed compliment for Martial Arts.

In conclusion, both BJJ and Thai boxing, are perfectly suitable for women and children and often entire families will join to learn these very effective self defence art forms. In summary mixed martial arts training is right for everyone! It is a great way to make new friends while training with others, it offers great health and physical benefits and a sound knowledge of self defence skill sets that will protect you and your family.

Membership: We offer many different packages. We recommend that you try our Gym, Ajax MMA, for a week so you can get a feel for our Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and our conditioning classes. We also offer women only “Boot Camp” classes and of course we also have specialized children’s programs.

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